What treats and chews do you feed Miso?










When it comes to her treats and chews, I like to keep it pretty clean and simple. I look for single-ingredient protein options with zero preservatives. She has a combination of both freeze dried and air-dried choices, although, I do prefer air-dried over freeze dried when given the option. I think air-drying is a more gentle method.


Happy Dawg - Air Dried Smelt - I like to give these to her first thing in the morning. If I break the fish in half and gently squeeze, you can still see the oils present. It is a natural source of Omega-3's for her. I like to think of it as her Omega-3 vitamin of the day. It's also a smaller fish so I hope that means less mercury and other toxins.

Happy Dawg - Air Dried Salmon Skin - Salmon is good because they are rich in Omega-3's and because of that they are still extremely oily to the touch. I leave these in the freezer and will use them as a topper for her meal. Even though it is good oil I try not to over do it because it is very oily. (Note, I did read a recent article that came out by Dogs Naturally Magazine listing reasons we may want to avoid salmon. Here is the link to the article if you want to read it. I made a judgement call here and will continue to feed Miso salmon as a protein. My approach is to have protein variation in her diet and not too much of any one thing.)

Farm Hound Jerky - Bison Jerky - Speaking of protein variation, I was so happy when I found these! It's not often you see Bison offered as a single-ingredient treat. These are dehydrated, made from farm fresh, pasture-raised muscle meat. The perfect low fat and high protein snack for Miso when she needs a mid-day pick me up! Bison is a seasonal item for them, so you will have to check out their other jerky options here.

Farm Hound Organs -  We have their liver, spleen and tongue! Organs are nutrient dense in vitamins and minerals so a little goes a long way. Farm Hounds refers to them as SUPERFOODS. I like to use these as toppers with Miso's meals. All the ones I've chosen for her are 100% grass-fed. They don't have to be for me, but its an added plus.

Little L's Moo Moo Krak'ems Beef Brittle - These are my ultimate favorite training treats for Miso because I can easily break them into smaller pieces with one hand! It hard to find small sized treats for Miso because she is so small. I have to break all her treats and these break apart super easily. Even better, they are 100% human grade, 0% antibiotics or hormones, and 0% additives or preservatives. Miso loves them too because they literally smell like steak! I use these without fail in almost all of our training sessions together.


Happy Dawg - Air Dried Oxtail - This is one of Miso's favorites! I consider this a light chew as she can finish the whole thing in one chew session. I started to break this up into thirds for her as this does fill her tummy up quite a bit. 

Vital Essentials - Rabbit Ears Freeze Dried - This is a new favorite for Miso as I only recently discovered it in a local pet shop around our neighborhood. This is the first treat/chew we've given her with animal hair still on it and she loves it. I've read that the animal hair may aid in cleaning their intestinal tract. Just an interesting tidbit, but not the main reason why I give her chews.

Vital Essentials - Rolled Salmon Skin Freeze Dried - Okay, I lied. This is also a Miso favorite. = ) I recently brought one to her agility class as motivation, and let's just say it did wonder for her focus.

Farm Hound - Beef Ears - I consider this a medium chew for Miso as it takes her about 3 to 4 chew session to finish one. She does not like it as much as the oxtail and rabbit ears as it requires more jaw work, but the tougher chews are great for mental stimulation and teeth cleaning benefits!

Farm Hound - Beef Hide Rolls - These are super tough chews for Miso! I'm not sure she will ever finish one completely before I feel like its time to throw it out and get a new one. These are 100% beef hide, 100% grass-fed, and high in collagen. (Note, these are not the same as industrial rawhide which are chemically proceed, cooked, and bleached white.)


Miso gets one chew session a day and the #1 reason why I give her chews is for her teeth. While I brush Miso's teeth on a regular basis, the chews have been a great help in keeping her teeth clean. As she gnaws on the chews, she is able to get rid of tartar build up that my teeth brushing for her alone can not. They also say chew sessions have a calming effect and triggers the brain to release endorphins.

For personal reasons, chews are great because it gives me at least 30 minutes a day of undisturbed me time.


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