The Beginning
Summer of 2019, I became an official dog mom, mother to Miso. I was a first-time dog owner ready to re-explore the neighborhood with fresh eyes. This time though, I was on a lookout specifically to meet some dog friends. Living in New York, the timing could not be better; I was in the perfect city to do just that. I met some pretty amazing dogs and their pretty amazing humans. It did not take long before the local dog community felt like a second home. This community filled me so much love and joy, I wondered, what else have I been missing all this time? Sure enough, I felt my life take a turn. I decided to leave the corporate life for good and do anything... (well, almost anything), that would keep my daily interactions pretty paw-some.

The Discovery Process
Over the course of that year, I gathered a lot of experience shopping for Miso. Much to my husband's dismay, pet shopping had become an area of expertise for me. And like any other mom, I just wanted to be sure I found the best I could offer. Surprisingly, most of what I purchased for Miso was from small and/or overseas businesses. I realized that the larger pet retailers were not going to satisfy all my needs as a pet parent. At times, their collection seemed dated or not of the quality I wanted. Later that year, I decided I wanted to open my own pet shop to fill that missing gap

The Mission
In 2020, I started working on Miso and Friends; a small business focused on curating quality pet products for your modern-day dog family. The mission is to work with brands that can deliver on both aesthetics and functionality. The collection should feel new, fresh, and relevant for the modern taste.

Why Miso and Friends?
I picked the name Miso and Friends because I wanted to dedicate the name to our ever-expanding community of dog friends and their amazing humans. A thank you to all the kindness and support Miso and I received since day one. And so, it is my hope to curate quality pet products that will keep tails wagging and paw-rents smiling in the years to come. Thank you again for your support. 

Happy pet. Happy Human.

Yours Truly, 
Miso's Mom