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‘We Are Tight’ collar is 100% handcrafted with premium materials to create the perfect lightweight collar with maximum durability. This collar is made from German climbing rope certified by the UIAA (International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation) and has a break strength of 8.8kN (almost 2000lbs). Leather accents are made of genuine Buttero leather sourced from Italy.

  • Edelrid Thermo Shield heat treatment applied to ensure the rope stays supple throughout its life.
  • Edelrid Pro Dry treatment applied to ensure optimal performance during wet and cold conditions. Untreated ropes can absorb up to 50% of their own weight in water. After treatment, these ropes are particularly quick drying and water absorption reduces to 1-2%.

Made with the same premium materials, we recommend pairing this collar with the matching leash in flamingo pink.

Please note: Color of this item is as stated in the description. The product pictures are meant to show you detailing and styling of item and may be displayed along with other colors. 


  • Color: Flamingo Pink
  • Designed in South Korea
  • Brand: Howlpot


 Size Neck Weight
S 190 - 270 mm (~7.5 - 10.6 inches) 25 g
L 270 - 430 mm (~10.6 - 16.9 inches) 30 g


Collar Width 15 mm (~0.6 inches)


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