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Keeping it simple with high quality, single ingredient, protein treats.

Why we love them?
  • Low in fat and cholesterol. Venison is an excellent source of lean protein for dogs. Compared to their red meat counterparts, venison is lower in fat than beef. You can use them as training treats and worry less about the added calories! Venison is also an ideal protein choice for pups looking to shed some unwanted weight.
  • Nutrient rich. Notably rich in B vitamins, and minerals like iron and zinc, that can help maintain healthy energy levels and support a healthy immune system.
  • Novel protein. Considered a novel protein, venison can be a good alternative for dogs with allergies to other proteins like beef or chicken.

100% Air-Dried USDA Inspected and Approved, Grass-Fed & Finished Venison. No preservatives or chemicals added.

Weight: 3oz bag

Human Grade Ingredients processed in a USDA approved butchery in San Marcos, California.

Air-Dried Method:
Soul’y Raw artisan method of air-drying treats starts with hand trimming fresh cuts of USDA inspected meat. From there, the meat is flash frozen to preserve the nutritional integrity and flavor of each piece of meat. Once frozen, thin slices are cut and laid out to gently air dry for up to 3 days. No heat is applied. This method removes moisture and allows the treats to retain their raw nutritional qualities while remaining shelf stable at an ambient air temperature.

Keep in a cool/dry place. Shelf stable.

About the Brand:
Soul’y Raw is a small family business based in San Marcos, California. From grass-fed to free range to ocean sourced, their meat is sourced from the same suppliers that provide meat to major grocery stores. They commit to sourcing only the best cuts of meat that are considered fit for human consumption. (The only exception to this is some of their organ meats which cannot be considered human grade because it remains unbleached in its natural state and not because of the quality of the protein.)

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