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Keeping it simple with high quality, single ingredient, protein snacks.

Why we love them?
  • Dental health. High quality chews appropriately sized and matched for your pup can help to promote oral health!
  • Great starter chew. Rabbit ears are a great starter chew and appropriate for small to large size pups. They are considered a light chew and gentle on the teeth. The hair on the ears cater to their natural instincts to catch prey and can provide extra excitement.
  • Novel protein. Rabbit is considered a novel protein and can be a good snack alternative for dogs with allergies to other proteins like beef or chicken.
  • Improved digestion. The hairs on the ears is a type of fiber which is poorly digested so it would not be surprising if you noticed some hair pass through their digestive system. As the hair passes through the intestines, it is thought to help bulk up the stool and help to gently clean out the GI tract.

Note: As with all treats and chews, they should be fed in moderation and only make up a small portion of your dog's diet. 

Dehydrated Rabbit Ears. No preservatives or chemicals added.

Weight: 3oz (approximately 20 ears)

Human Grade Ingredients processed in a USDA approved butchery in San Marcos, California.

Dehydrated Method:
Protein is cooked with continuous heat at a low temperature.

Keep in a cool/dry place. Shelf stable.

About the Brand:
Soul’y Raw is a small family business based in San Marcos, California. From grass-fed to free range to ocean sourced, their meat is sourced from the same suppliers that provide meat to major grocery stores. They commit to sourcing only the best cuts of meat that are considered fit for human consumption. (The only exception to this is some of their organ meats which cannot be considered human grade because it remains unbleached in its natural state and not because of the quality of the protein.)

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