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Your perfect French inspired top. Soft rib detailing at the collar and around the button trim of the shirt. Slip this on your pup when you are feeling extra fancy.

Please note: Color of this item is as stated in the description. The product pictures are meant to show you detailing and styling of item and may be displayed along with other colors. 

  • Color: Orange Blue
  • Fabric: 71% Polyester; 23% Rayon; 6% Spandex
  • Designed in South Korea
  • Brand: Mereconte


     Size Neck Chest Length Weight (lbs)
    S 9.4" 11.0" 8.3" ~5.5
    SM 10.2" 12.6" 9.4" ~7.7
    M 11.0" 14.2" 10.6" ~9.9
    L 12.2" 16.1" 11.8" ~14.3
    XL 13.4" 18.1" 13.0" ~18.7
    • Chest size is most important. Please measure the widest part of their body circumference. This should be somewhere behind their front legs. 
    • Weight (lbs) are provided as guidance only. Do not rely only on this measurement.
    • Example: Miso weighs 6.6lbs. Her measurements are 9" neck, 12.5" chest, 11" length, and wears a size M.

    If you are unsure about sizing, feel free to email us. We are happy to help!

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